Audit Committee is committed to:

  1. 1. Develop standards and methodologies for auditing activities, to be introduced and approved by relevant authorities, and to develop in accordance with international standards
  2. 2. Translate international standards on auditing and other pronouncements promulgated by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board of the IFAC and inform to the members and to inform the revised and amended standards on auditing in a timely manner;
  3. 3. Develop procedures to be followed in audit activities;
  4. 4. Develop guidelines to pursue in audit engagements and develop audit quality assurance standards, improve and pursue the standards;
  5. 5. Develop methodologies and recommendations related to audit standards;
  6. 6. Develop recommendations on improvement of audit firms management;
  7. 7. Establish standard tariff for audit engagement and update the tariff regularly;
  8. 8. Keep and update registration of auditors;
  9. 9. Discuss matters related to granting and terminating audit license to candidates and provide appropriate comments.
  10. 10. Participate scheduled audit quality assurance review and conduct the review as required;
  11. 11. Register the audit license holders and update the registration changes;
  12. 12. Draft comments on the solution of disputes arisen due to audit engagements;
  13. 13. Organize methodological advice on audit service providers
  14. 14. Conduct training aimed at preparing accountants for Auditor;
  15. 15. Collaborate with related organizations on the creation a database and ensuring transparency of public companies.