MonICPA's programme accredited by ACCA in 2015. Therefore Mongolian CPAs can get
extra exemption from ACCA.

ACCA organized a workshop for Journey towards to membership with Ros Leah(Head
of professional development) and Linda Calder(Professional development manager)
in April 2015 at Blue Sky.

ACCA organized a workshop for Exam technique with DR Joshua Heniro(Head of
education emerging Asia) and Alex Foong Weng(Business relationship
manager-Learning emerging markets-Asia) in Jan 2015 at Kempenski.

MonICPA handed in course complation certificates to students who completed their
course successfully.

MonICPA staffs congratulated ACCA's students who passed their exam in December 2014.

Our students and accountants celebrated December exam result.

Our students received their exam result with high rate for December 2014 exam.

MonICPA commenced F9 Financial management with Oyunbat.R in autumn 2014.

Our students attended the workshop for exam technique organized by ACCA and PWC in March 2014 at Blue Sky.

ACCA's students received their first exam result with some achievements in August 2014.

MonICPA set up the class for ACCA programme at the end of 2013.

ACCA's first class started with lecturer Martinez Ramon in January 2014 at MonICPA.

Reza Ali's(Head of emerging markets-Asia) second visit in November 2013 at MonICPA.

MonICPA and ACCA signed on Memorandum of Understanding in November 2013 in Seoul, Korea.