I extend my cordial regards to members and supporters, and employees of audit firms, all accountants, and both national and international organizations whom we work with.

We are always happy with MonICPA’s designation as it has been recognized as a professional body who plays a unique role in accounting and auditing activities undertaken not only in Mongolia, but also internationally. We are representing the jurisdiction both at IFAC and CAPA, and we are happy to list our foreign partners in Australia, the Philippines, South Korea, ACCA with whom we have signed MOU. It is remarkable here that MonICPA has implemented several projects funded by World bank and Asian Development Bank in the field such as build auditing and accounting systems, and audit institutions to provide instructional leadership, consulting, introduction of international auditing and accounting standards and the development of professional accountants provide rights, and to improve professional knowledge and protect the interests of society to increase the role of on its activities have been directed.

Last December 2016, MonICPA’s 6th Assembly determined past and the future goals. The new Council and Supervisory board members were elected and developed and approved Operational guidelines from 2017-2020. In order to success we are committed highly than ever to be energetic, enthusiastic, and productive until 2020.

Our members must have professional counselors to help exhorts improving revered industry leaders and professional ethics, and increase economic transparency, improve corporate governance and financial market system.

Let me wish all the best regards to MonICPA’s members and all accountants whom we work with.

CEO of MonICPA:               L.ENKH-AMGALAN