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MONGOLIAN INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS’ (MONICPAs) mission is to strengthen expertise in accounting and financial systems, to provide service to enterprises, government and public entities by improving good corporate governance and to contribute to accelerating the development of Mongolia. MONICPA is a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and a member of the Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA) and a leader within National Professional Accountant Organizations.

MONICPAs creates value by equipping Mongolian Certified Public Accountants, auditors, consultants in the society and by preparing the CPAs as leaders at the acceptable level in the internationally and nationally.

Furthermore, we pay the particular attention to IMPROVE THE RELATIONSHIP between economic activities in all sectors such as legislative, government and financial agencies. We aim to focus on the voice of Chartered Accountants central delivery of professional and working society, international benchmarks and standards introduced in all aspects of the organization and targeted projects organized in stages.

We must adapt rapidly to external factors, independent of us, such as mass rapid development and environmental change. We are continually developing skills for auditors, accountants and financial experts, consultants with more versatile skills and enhance career and branching aims to help. This expansion will be responsible for leadership in working with the international professional organizations for accounting and expand the scope of accounting, the financial system and the international level, representing Mongolia.

You are urged to cooperate with the value of building works.


Chairman of MonICPA Council and President