Dear Visitors,

Thank you very much for your time visiting our website.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our CPAs, auditors, colleagues working at  audit  firms, all other accounting professionals, organizations and its staff working in all  other sectors  of economics and society who have volunteered their time, energy and  expertise for  improvement of the profession, on occasion of the new year. Let me  extend my sincere greeting to all of you and wish healthy, lucky and  successful year ahead.

It is remarkable that MonICPA has been a recognized professional body not only at  national  level but also at international arena being a member of IFAC and CAPA, which is joint achievement of all people working in the field with tireless efforts.

Many countries around the world have a history of setting up a professional accounting organisation as generally named institute of CPAs who has been authorized to represent the accounting, finance and auditing sector of that particular country. Therefore, we are always proud of being an active partner with those PAOs.

The institute together with its members have set mission to build up the accounting and auditing system which is consistent with international standards, and produce national experts who are globally recognized. For this, we are working effectively with ACCA and many other professional bodies in various jurisdictions in order to achieve the goal.

We understand well that we are committed to high responsibility, in-depth professional expertise, concordance and conjunct activities.


Chairman of MonICPA Council and President