Deputy director for training B.Myagmarjav

Manager of training committee T. Tsetsegmaa

Specialist of training committee M. Mishigdorj

By order of Council meeting which was held on 16th February of 2006, Sub-committee of training program, sub-committee of organizing trainings and sub-committee of examination as the components of training committee.

Sub-committee of training program is committed to:

-improve the program of preparing training for pre-CPA

-transfer the CPD into credit hour system

-develop the program for auditor training, student practice training, professional English training and others.

Sub-committee of organizing trainings  is committed to:

• Organize the trainings for examinees who prepares for becoming CPA

- Advanced and intermediate level of finance  72 hrs
- Cost and management accounting  72 hrs

- “Financial reporting-1” 72 hrs

- Financial management  30 hrs

- Cost and performance management  72 hrs

- Audit and assurance    30 hrs

-Law and taxation accounting  30 hrs

- Professional English  60 hrs
- Methods of preparing financial report  18 hrs

- Ethics, professional value  18 hrs

- IT, competency  18 hrs

for CPAs who has 4years valid certificate need to extend by studying following trainings:
 on 2nd year:

Compulsory courses:
- Financial reporting -2
- Business analysis

Optional courses:

  • Advanced level audit-2
  • Law and taxation accounting -2

On 4th year:

Compulsory courses:

  •  Governance, risks, ethics

Optional courses:

  • Financial management -2
  • Management advisory services  

• Organize practice training for students